Dripping eyeliners, smudged kohls and oily skin! Monsoon is surely not a great season for make ups! But with the tips below, you can surely fight these signs of make ups turning ghastly. How? Simply by choosing the right products and applying them rightly. A big thank you to MONAL SAREEN, a leading make up artist in the city, who agreed to share some great tips below with our readers to look as fresh as a blossoming rose this monsoon season.

Thanks MONAL! You are a star!

1. Give your face a gentle wash and gently massage ice all over it. Not only does it  tighten the pores, but it also looks after oil secretion. This trick is suitable for all skin types. For people with dry skin, you can use a toner post the ice massage.

2.  To create a perfect canvas for your foundation switch to primers which give you a matte effect. Primers for radiance and glow are a complete NO NO!

3. Avoid heavy coverage. The humidity levels are at a rise at this time of the year, so it is advisable to use minimal foundation. Substitute them with powder based or water based foundations. Waterproof foundations also work well if you need your makeup to last longer.

4. For the eyes, opt for powder eyeshadows rather than cream ones. Also keep your colour pallatte very soft and natural, like tones of pink, beige, light brown etc.

5. Avoid using kohl pencils especially in your waterline. It increases the chances of your Kajal getting all smudged and making you look as if you have a bruised eye.

6. For the monsoon season, waterproof mascara works very well.  During this weather it is preferable to create more drama to the eyes with mascara rather than playing with kohl pencils and eyeliners.

7. For those gorgeous lips, soft matte colours is the way to go! Pinks, nudes, beige, soft browns are all good!!

8. Create a soft blush of colour for those cheeks. Nothing too defined. So soft, that the colour of the blush looks like the natural perkiness of your skin. Prefer cream blush to powder ones because they will blend very well with the natural oils of your skin and make you look naturally pink.

10. Avoid defining your eyebrows too much. Keep them as natural as possible!!

Finally, keep your powder handy! It will help you get rid of that oily look. Blotting paper works very well as well to remove the excess oil.

“I hope these tips and tricks work handy for you during this monsoon!! Look your best feel your best!!”

MONAL SAREEN, Make up artist

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