It has always been my dream to be able to make the perfect cup of tea or at least have one! While making it still stays a dream, tasting it, not!

Chaayos! I am a fan!

Dear readers, if you do happen to visit Chandigarh any time soon, this utterly refreshing little tea shop, Chaayos at Elante mall (located on the courtyard side) is sure to surprise you. The desi masala chai never ever tasted that good! Also, with some other very innovative chai options and some all time favorite Indian tea time snacks such as matra, palak patta, vada pav, pav bhaji to name a few, you are in for a total desi street side experience! Take away your chai in ‘mitti ke kullars’ or enjoy it at this chai cafe with friends, either ways it’s gonna be an experience you are going to come back for, again and again.

You may choose to buy Chaayos special tea mixes from the shop, and take them back home for family and friends too! Here are a few clicks of our visit to Chaayos!

chaayos 1



chaayos 4

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