As the educational paradigm is constantly changing, so are its methodologies! Today, we are lucky that our kids are born in an age where there is no limit to learn and its techniques have evolved even more so.

But still, while some students shine in schools, many struggle in coping up. Why? The answer is simple: lack of strong basics and a high student teacher ratio, leading to lack of confidence and inquisitiveness.

So today we introduce to you a world renowned supplementary education programme, JEI, that provides After School Programs in Mathematics, English, Reading and Writing, Creative Writing, Problem Solving Mathematics and Brain Safari for grades Pre-KG to 9 (4-14 years).


The JEI Learning centre headed by Shweta Gupta and Divya Oswal (MD,Oswal Educare) here in Ludhiana, is an education programme with 20 years of experience in over 14 countries across the world.

Why do we need supplementary education and why is it important? 

We need it, to emphasise the importance of strong basics to our kids and to make them globally competitive. Lack of concrete fundamentals will always mar their progress, but through the very innovative JEI learning techniques, each child holds the chance to reach his/her full academic potential, the key to a successful life.

What sets it apart?

  • A self learning programme where the workbooks are designed to be self explanatory with instructors always available to guide further.

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  • Each child undergoes a unique and scientifically proven Diagnostic Test for each grade level in English and Math to pinpoint weaknesses, and prescribe an individualized learning program. After all, knowing your weaknesses is the first step to improvement!
  • Individual Prescription Progress Report (IPPR) provides an accurate computer analysis, showing the student’s strengths and weak areas.
  • Exemplary infrastructure to facilitate comfort and enhanced learning.

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  • Student to teacher ratio of a maximum 8 : 1.
  • Achievement Test to measure growth and proficiency and JEI certificates on completion of learning programmes.
  • JEI Library that comprises of more than 60 titles of fiction, nonfiction and various other genres of literature for kids to read, solve workbooks on and participate in group discussions.
  • No additional burden of homework. Independent practice time of maximum 10-15 minutes, but output of much more!

And the best of all…

JEI DOLLAR – Students learn the best when they are motivated. The kids earn the dollar through various challenges set for them like error free work, completion of tasks, full score in tests etc. and later get to exchange it with goodies from the JEI shop. How great is that!

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So if your child is still struggling from reaping the full benefits of education, contact JEI Learning Centre on the numbers below, to enrol and find out more.


JEI Learning Centre

Phone: 9876900502/505



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