Experimenting with skincare products is one of my favorite jobs as a blogger, inspiring me to try new companies and products, both for myself and our readers. This season my favorite has been this fabulous skin care range from KAMA AYURVEDA made from 100% natural and high quality ingredients.

KAMA offers a wide variety of products ranging from skin care to hair care to some great aromas. But this summer my tryst with their Skin Care range has been worth writing about. What I loved the most about their skin care products, was the instant glow they gave! So now, here is how my daily skincare regimen works…

Step 1 – Apply NALPAMARADI THAILAM oil for 15 mins before washing my face. It consists of Tumeric and Gooseberry which have great healing and anti ageing properties.

Step 2 – Face Wash – Combination of MRIDUL + ROSE JASMINE FACE CLEANSER – This combination acts like a gentle exfoliator and provides deep cleansing leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Step 3 – Moisturize my skin with ELADI HYDRATING CREAM. This is such wonderful thick creamy formula that it almost feels like it has sealed the pores to keep the natural oils of the skin intact!

Step 4 –  I repeat this ritual at night again only this time I am using their night cream instead of day cream -REJUVENATING BRIGHTENING AYURVEDIC NIGHT CREAM.

Since the day I have started using these products, I have experienced substantial difference in my skin texture vis-à-vis there is improvement in the uneven tones of my skin and even my acne marks have lighted up!

So in all its a big Thumps-Up! Go ahead and give it a try!

P.S : Ask the staff at Kama to provide you with testers they are always good carry on’s when travelling or even great for experimenting with their new range of products!

Disclaimer – These are personal reviews and we insists our readers to make an informend decision when buying their skincare products. 


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