A dedication to every Indian mother!!

Shweta is fast sleep, one leg off the bed, pillow below her feet and her little angel Sakshi, 6 years young by her side. On the other corner of the bed is her beloved husband Aarav. At 6.45 am the alarm goes “buzzzzzz”. She snoozes it. After 15 minutes, it goes on for a little longer – “buzzzzzzzzzz”. She finally wakes up and realizes it’s another beautiful yet crazy morning!

Shweta runs to the loo and freshens up. She starts waking her daughter up, and Sakshi cutely and adorably says “5 mins more mummy”!! Mommy Shweta melts looking at her cudly face, and decides to say ok, but just then the “Practical Mom” seeps in and she screams, “No more 5 minutes! Wake up now!!” Sakshi’s cudly face turns into a sad one and she wakes up. First instance of the day when happy mommy and happy baby became “PRACTICAL”.

Shweta and Sakshi only have 20 mins to complete the mission called “get to school on time”. So under this pressure, Shweta is frantically screaming and ordering her angel to brush, go to potty, have a bath, wear her clothes and pack her school bag. During the 20 minutes, Shweta misses the aspiring dance of her angel in front of the mirror, misses her angel enjoying a childlike moment with a blue birdie in the toilet and misses the “I Love you mommy” Sakshi says when she gets ready! All this while Shweta is screaming “Your getting late and your dancing! So irresponsible! Come on fast hurry up!”

Task one is over, but the mission is no where close to complete. Now task two! Breakfast time!! Little Sakshi runs around the house, as she is high on morning energy with mommy Shweta behind her with a bowl of upma. For a second, Shweta loves that her child is so active, joyful and happy, but then seeps in the “Practical Mom” who with her voice raised, screams “NOOOO Sakshi! Don’t jump, don’t run. Sit down right here, right now and finish your breakfast! Now! Can’t you hear me, uff today’s children just don’t want to listen!”. Finally, after 5 mins of coaxing and Sakshi not listening to her mother, mommy Shweta gives her the phone, shoves the food in her mouth and done!! Mission complete!

Mommy is ready at the door, ready to leave and just then Sakshi remembers something and runs to the bedroom. Shweta is shouting, “ Your getting late! Now what have you forgetten?” Sakshi gives daddy a tight hug and says “Bye papa, see you in the evening. Have a great day!!”. Aarav half awake, smiles, hugs her tight and says “Love you too baby!”. Shweta witnesses this and wishes she could do this too, but “Practical Mommy” tells her, there’s no time for this now, maybe later.

Shweta and Sakshi run off to catch the bus and off the angel goes! While Shweta is walking back home, she thinks about her morning and regrets that’s she missed the “I Love you mommy” moment, she missed her baby’s dance, her cute smiles and her joyful existence! But she convinces herself that she had to do what she had to do otherwise her baby would have been late for school.

Is this your story too? Does most of your time during the day go by with your child arguing over rules or requests several times each day? Does your child talk back and cry or scream when things don’t go their way?

Is your typical response to debate or argue? Get frustrated? Find yourself scolding or punishing? Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works?

I am Nivedita Garg, Founder of The Purple Present. Our goal isn’t to teach you  “parenting,” because that’s not something you can teach. Parents already have those innate skills. We are here to help parents uncover them, so you can create worthwhile experiences and memories for your child.

If this story sounds familiar to you, you need to remember that the greatest challenge for you as parents is that you are always watched. Your child will follow your example… not your advice! Your daily life with your child can be much easier if you enjoy your child because that will lead to an enriching relationship in which your child will flourish.

The  Parenting didn’t always come with instructions, but now it does. It’s just about a new perspective!


Thanks Nivedita for sharing this beautiful and truly enlightening piece with us!


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