In case you missed out on our previous article on Small World Cafe (SWC), here is a little recap! This Saturday SWC at Silver Arc Mall hosted a Super chef contest for kids wherein these little chefs got the opportunity to create their very own SWC signature thin crust pizza and get judged by the in house chefs too!

The moment we stepped into SWC we were transported straight to the ‘Mini Italia’. With the Italian theme decor adorning the venue, from the cutest pizza shape buntings on the ceiling to adorable photo props, the place instantly elevated our spirits and left us looking forward to many more surprises. Each kid was provided with a complimentary chef’s hat and an apron, a pizza base and a huge variety of toppings to decorate their creations with, all as per their own whims and fancies! While the pizzas were sent for baking, the raring kids were entertained by the wonderful anchor Astha Sethi, who had lined up an array of fun activities for the participating kids!

The friends and family were served rounds of complimentary cappuccinos to make the wait for their kids masterpiece creations even more delectable.

It’s all in the details! SWC surely kept no stone unturned from creating a perfect ambience for all the visitors to making sure that not only were the most ingenious kids awarded for their creativity but each participant was recognized for their efforts! Kudos to the SWC team for hosting such a charming event!

Stay tuned dear readers as this is just a start! There are many more events coming up to bring more laughs, happiness and joy to the city and The Hush Hush Diary is all set to keep you well informed about them all!

Here are some pictures from the event….Enjoy!

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For further info on events happening in Silver Arc Mall please contact Mr. Ankush Mehra – 9815200010

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