Capturing those precious moments in life and reliving them through photographs can be a very satisfying and joyful experience. However, if those memories can be translated into valuable pieces of art, then they can be like the medals for your home.

ART MEMOIR by Nitika Gupta and Alcka Gupta

“Art memoir aims to bring your memories alive on canvas by getting your favorite pictures customized with oil painted backgrounds and mix media designs. The beauty of this curation is that each of the art piece is unique, personal and is meticulously  connected to a single theme that represents the very YOU. It has so much room for expression, power, passion, harmony and life that it can light up even the dullest of your walls. ”  – Nitika Gupta 


These gorgeous pieces of art can be a perfect customized gift for special occasions or to bedeck you homes with memories you want to keep close forever.

To order your ART MEMOIR now, here’s what you need to know :

  1. A high resolution camera picture (higher than 1mb} would be required.
  2. If its a smartphone picture then it must be sun exposed. Please note,  the more candid the picture, the better it is.
  3. Please allow a duration of 25-30 days to complete the piece.
  4. Price on request.


Alka Gupta :- 9815331595
Nitika Gupta :- 9878300969

You can also follow them on:

Instagram – artmemoir

Facebook – Art memoir

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