Managing hair during vacation can be particularly tricky. While that is the time when you take the most pictures, frizzy unkept hair can be be a big put off! So we asked the experts to guide us with some quick fix hairdos for the holiday goers that are both flattering and so easy to pull off!

Aarushi oswal, one of the leading make up artists in town, tells us about how you can use hair extensions so easily on vacations to get these 3 gorgeous looks!



  1. Comb hair.
  2. Take the front section and clip it above.
  3. Back come the hair a little so that the extensions will stay as in the pic.
  4. Clip the hair extensions.
  5. What you have is long beautiful hair, nicely curled at the bottom.
  6. Take the front section (clipped earlier) and back comb a little. Leave the hair open

Here’s what you get…

blog pic 2


  1. In continuation to what we did above, twist the front section of hair as shown in the following video and tie a black rubber band at the end.

2. Twist the hair similarly on the other side well and clip it.


Here’s what you get…

blog pic 16



  1. Again continuing from the above look, you may choose to tie the hair in a long pony tail as in the pic above.
  2. Tie another rubber band at some distance and a third one further down in a kind of Rapunzel braid.
  3. Pull out the hair a little to give it a more fuller look.
  4. Add a flower or two depending on your outfit.

VOILA! The final look…

blog pic 13

blog pic 10

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Thanks Aarushi Oswal




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