No matter how many times we were taught the phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’, we still sometimes prefer repenting later than taking precautions before hand. Well, not this time!

If you are all packed and ready to go, there are still some very important things that you must take care of before you travel. Check the list below to tick mark each and every one of them before you embark on your much awaited journey.

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  1. Rethink about your medical history and allergy information and inform your fellow travellers about the same. Even better if you can write it and keep it in your suitcase and let your partner know where you have kept it incase of an emergency.
  2. Check if you need any country specific vaccinations to the place you are travelling to and get the shots well in time.
  3. Research about any traditions or precautions you need to follow in the countries you are visiting. Eg. If you are travelling to Abu Dhabi, women need to be heedful about what they wear or for Johannesburg beware of theft.
  4. Feed the emergency numbers of the countries you are visiting to in your phones before hand and inform your kids about the same too. Eg. 911 if you are travelling to US.
  5. Feed the Indian embassy number of the country you are visiting to too and take a quick read on what to do in case you lose your passport or travel documents.
  6. Leave an itinerary of all the hotels you are going to be staying in with the hotel phone numbers and hand over to a family member you are leaving behind. This is very important so that they can reach you in case of an emergency.
  7. If you are leaving your kids or elderly behind, write phone numbers of close relatives or friends you can count on for them to reach in case of emergency and leave some emergency cash behind.
  8. There is no harm in getting a general health check up before you travel especially if you are above the age of 50.
  9. Inform your family doctor about your travel and get a list of medicines on paper with dosage and medical conditions in which they have to be taken. Carry these medicines along. This is very important for both kids and adults.
  10. Don’t carry all your currency in one form. Split it over a credit card, a debit card, cash, travellers cheque etc.
  11. Invest in a good cross body sling with zip and a secure lock to hold on to your passports, currency and important documents.
  12. Lastly and most importantly, take a look at this video and learn how to administer CPR. Talk to your doctor about it before you leave, of any questions you might have. This is one first aid technique that we all should know but none of us bother to learn! God forbid, in case you land in such a situation, you are going recall this post!

Watch more similar videos till you have understood the process.

       CPR for adults:

    CPR for Kids :

Once you have done all of the important things above, then use the remaining time before you travel to download a great music list and stock up on other fun things to keep you entertained in your journey.

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