Panasonic automatic cooker warmer – review

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With the zeal to try new things, some time back my mother in law walked into the house with a new appliance to add to our family kitchen. While steamed dim sums have always been a sought after dish in our whole family, with the introduction of this appliance it’s cooking technique reached from good to perfect!

PANASONIC SR-WA22H – 750 Watt Automatic Cooker Warmer 5.4 L With Double Steamer Basket


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Whats so great about it?

  1. Surely a great appliance to make steamed dim sums or momos as it heats up the filling nicely from the inside without loosing the texture.
  2. Has a keep warm function to ensure tasty second and third helpings as well.
  3. If you are hosting a party, can be placed along with the buffet and the guests would enjoy picking up hot steaming dim sums straight from the basket.
  4. Wrap up seasoned paneer or tofu in a banana leaf and steam in the cooker or steam vegetables to add as a side.

Shop for it at your nearest kitchen store or,

Buy it online at :

TIP : Do look out for the latest models in store but the brand PANASONIC has worked well for us!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Have a great day!

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