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“Keventers, is an iconic dairy brand of yesteryears (1925) which was best known for its yummy milkshakes. Sipping on its past glory, it made a comeback in early 2015, recreating its classic flavors, along with introducing a whole new range of milkshakes, thick shakes, coffees and smoothies to tempt today’s beverage lover.”

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A&A took a secret visit to this cute little shop tucked away above Kipps in the Sarabha Nagar market, and here’s how we rate it!


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Keventers is surely a great place to pick up a quick beverage on the go or club it with a leisurely stroll down the market. The glass bottles (to take away!) definitely add to the luxury factor and are so much better than the flimsy unwieldy plastic take away cups usually found.

Now for the flavour…

The place specialises in milk shakes across 3 categories – thick shakes, classic shakes and fruity shakes. We tried flavours across all three categories and you would be glad to know that it passed our flavour test with flying colours!

The thick shakes of course are the yummiest to drink and offer a great beverage to satisfy your taste buds. But if you want to stay away from too much indulgence, you can choose a simple cold coffee that is equally refreshing.

What we loved about Keventers?

  • Extremely well blended shakes and so smooth to drink!
  • Amazing flavours and a good variety ranging from chocolate to fruity.
  • Glass bottles surely make them more attractive and eco friendly.
  • Quick and hassle free service.
  • Milk used – Double toned Mother Dairy (as told by the server).
  • Glass bottles to take away! Get creative and use the empty bottle as a vase or collect and make your own Keventers collection.

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  • Cute quotes on lids to chit chat about.

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Our pick on top flavours to try :

1. Oreo Mint crumble

2. Cold coffee

3. Raspberry milk shake

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Have a great day!

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