Summer is the time to experiment with unlimited types of fruity combinations and build your very own summer concoctions to cool off in this heat!

This year, the Chandan Bala Yuvti Mandal – 3 (CBYM -3) organised a Summer cooler competition for its members that brought forward some great recipes coming from some lovely house wives who rightly proved themselves to be the real chefs of our nation. So here we have the winning recipe for our readers to try and enjoy!


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Our sincere thanks to CBYM 3 –  for sharing this with us…


Prep time – 10 mins


Scooped melon balls (Of three colours and frozen)

Grape Juice

Lime soda

Fresh mint

Sugar syrup

Lemon juice

Ginger juice

Black salt


  1. In a jar, stir together grape juice and lime soda in a ratio of 2:1 (i.e. 2 parts grape juice for 1 part of lime soda).
  2. Add lemon juice, sugar and black salt. Balance the taste according to your preference.
  3. Take a bowl with some ginger juice and add some mint leaves to it. Set aside for an hour or so allowing the flavour of the mint leaves to fuse in.
  4. Add the frozen melon scoops in a tall glass along with a tsp of ginger and mint juice that we set aside.
  5. Add the prepared drink. Garnish with a cherry or some mint leaves and serve.

OPTIONAL : Grape juice syringe – Beat some grapes in a bowl and sieve the juice. In a pan add the grape juice, sugar, green colour and some cornflour and cook it on a low flame till you get a sauce of flowing consistency. Add to a syringe and serve with the drink.






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