Keeping the kids entertained during travel can be the most challenging task for some mothers. How so ever,  if you are reading this, it won’t be for you anymore! Voila! You are speaking to a mother who is very fond of travelling with her daughter and enjoys the journeys as much as the destinations!

Here are some great tips for you to read about and try yourself! Also, below is a list of some great games that you can carry along that are both compact and fun.


  1. Planning is crucial. Make a list of things to be taken along during travel at least 3 days in advance to give yourself sufficient time to buy them and pack them.
  2. Novelty is the key. Whatever food items you plan to pack for the journey, make sure you don’t give them to your kids at least for 4-5 days till the day of travel.  This way they will look forward to these items during journey.
  3. Kids love to munch just like adults. The best way to keep kids busy is to let them munch. Pack 4-5 boxes of snacks to take on your travel and the moment the whining starts, flash them one by one saving the best for last! Here are a few great healthy snack suggestions:
  • Juice tetra packs
  • Nuts
  • Roasted Makhane (Foxnuts)
  • Murmura
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Corn kernels
  • Boiled black chane or white chane (lightly salted)
  • Boiled pasta, lightly salted
  • A portion of fruit of kids choice
  • Cornflakes

Road side bhutta, Mc Donald fries etc. can be bought on the go!

4.   Always keep an empty container along. This comes in very handy to offer tit bits to kids from your own food and to pack on the go things which they missed while they were sleeping or not in the mood.

5.  Car seat. If you haven’t done so, try to inculcate the habit of sitting in a car seat in  your child right away! Not only is this going to make a mountain of a difference in the comfort of your journey, it is extremely important for the safety of your child.

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6.  Music. Record a CD of their favourite rhymes, stories and songs to take along. This can keep kids entertained for quite some time during long car journeys along with putting them to sleep as well.

7. Time of your journey. It is very important to be considerate of the comfort of your child if you want him/her to have a pleasant journey. Choose a time, so that the major part of the journey is covered while it is the nap time for your kid. Minimising the awake time in a vehicle will keep the child happier.

8. Be smart. Always keep some surprises handy to tackle those extreme cry and howl times. Eatables such as a biscuit, a candy (alpenliebe – not sour), plain chips etc. can be offered to make truce. But make sure you use these weapons in extreme times only.

9. I PAD – While I don’t encourage using iPad with kids in routine, on holidays it can be useful to keep them settled. Apart from games, you can load their favourite movies in advance and make sure you charge it fully before taking it along. Again offer only if there is nothing more to offer.

10. Maintain your calm and smile at all times. The most important reason why kids cry during journey is because of mothers lashing out at them due to being tired themselves. Take turns with your husband or fellow travellers to keep the kids entertained. If you are happy, your kids will be happy too!

Now for some travel games to take along. Hamleys store (Pavillion mall) has a great collection of travel games to take along for all ages. My favourite are:

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  1. Scratch art – Keep scratching to reveal fun animals
  2. Colour your own sticker pad – Colour stickers and peel and paste them
  3. Water wow – Spill free – This is amazing and kids love it!
  4. Mastermind – Tavel size – A great game to play for older kids and the little ones can have fun just pushing in the pegs. But be sure they don’t put it in their mouth.
  5. Connect 4 – Again, a great game to play for older kids and the little ones can have fun slipping in the coins. But be sure they don’t put it in their mouth.
  6. Doodle – To scribble and write hassle free.

Other games and toys to take along :

  1. A small soft toy for role play games. You can cook up a story with your kids using the toy and have a fun story time in car!
  2. Carry a single kitchen set cup or a single spoon or a single plate. You’ll be surprised how busy they can get with just these small things.
  3. Small dolls for girls or a small car for boys. Make them their friends for their journey.
  4. A pouch with small writing pad, a pencil, a rubber, a sharpener, a mini colours pack. Drawing and scribbling is a great means of entertainment for kids of all ages.
  5. A single box of clay.

Pick and choose any of the above items that you think your kids would enjoy and tell us how these tips helped you in your journey by writing to us at :

Have a great holiday!





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