With the scorching sun outside and the influence of I pads and tv sets inside, sports and physical activity surely take a back seat with kids in peak summers.

But not anymore… With innovation and creativity at its fore, the Cherry Lane Play School brings to you, a summer camp packed with ingenious indoor sports workshops along with thoroughly entertaining learning and fun activities for a complete summer camp experience this June!

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Dates : 1-14 June 2017 (Saturday’s included)

Age group : 2-8 years

This summer dear parents, the focus is on developing some very important skill sets in kids such as hand-eye coordination, balance, correct posture, precision and concentration abilities through great indoor games such as basket ball, bowling, pool noodle javelin and hopscotch to name a few!

“Sports and games are the best mediums to help kids learn. And this year is particularly special as we are bringing together all our experience from the past 12 years by curating an activity calendar that includes our most well received activities chosen from all the camps that we have hosted till date. “ – Charul Chowdhary, Founder Cherry Lane

Apart from offering a wonderfully friendly, controlled, supervised and safe environment, the activity calendar is soooooo exciting!

Here are some of the top activities to look out for this year:

  • Indoor sports to boost physical agility and activeness.
  • Trip to the world of fantasies with fairies dance!
  • Huge board games to hop into and play!
  • Use of objects such as magnifying glass etc. to wonder, ponder over and learn…
  • Masquerade ball…oh my!
  • Pyjama party with friends!

And many many more…

We wish we could go back to school….Well we did but just to take a sneak peek into this cute little kids getaway and enjoy little time of being kids again! Here are a few clicks for you to enjoy! Thank you so much Charul for such a warm welcome and such a fun experience with the little joys of Cherry lane!

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To know more about the camp, contact on the numbers below:

0161-4634652; 8283814652; 9876581140

85-G Block, B.R.S.NAGAR,


Charul Chowdhary, Founder Cherry Lane

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