It’s rare that you come across stories that inspire you to change your outlook towards life. But when I came across such an awe inspiring real life incident, I felt obligated to share it with everyone I knew!

Here is the story of how JEENA SAHARAN, (Owner Jeena’s Nail Art studio) dared to walk on a path that many of us wouldn’t even dream of! The story unveils as follows…

On 17th march 2017,  Jeena and Mohit (her husband) were out on a car ride in the middle of the night on Pakhowal road, Ludhiana, when they came across a lady in disheveled state banging a cars window. Unable to comprehend the situation, they slowed down their car to investigate the matter and within minutes two men on a three wheeler pulled up, shoved the girl in the three wheeler and took off! Sensing things weren’t right, Mohit and Jeena chased the three wheeler for almost an hour and finally managed to successfully stop them. Once the vehicle was stopped, Jeena inquired about the girls whereabouts from the boys who clearly were manhandling her inside the vehicle. The boys got flustered with the questions being asked by Jeena which gave this girl an opportunity to run out of the vehicle. As she escaped the vehicle, the boys too fled the scene sensing trouble. Instead of letting the girl run away in her unstable state, Jeena followed her from the canal road to Aarti chowk where they finally got hold of her. With the help of the police and due to lack of shelter at this hour of the night, they got the girl to stay with Jeena for the night. After providing a good meal and bed to sleep and next morning a hot shower the girl was sent to MOTHER TERESA – MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY, Jalandar bypass.

This is how Jeena found the girl at the night of the incident :


The girl has been rehabilitated and Jeena has been keeping a check of her progress ever since. Here are few pictures she shared with us after she rescued her!

The reason why we are sharing this story is, that we all have faced such situations where we know someone is in trouble but we have walked past the situation without doing much, either due to fear of risking ourself or due to inconvenience. Please note, in no way are we at A&A encouraging you to risk your life, but you should know that there is still a lot you can do within your safety zone to help rather than completely ignore such a situation. This girl could have been anyone, your daughter, your sister, your friend, your neighbour, your relative! God forbid, if you would have been in a similar situation, wouldn’t you have wished if some one witnessing the situation could have mustered little courage and saved your sisters young precious life!

A little courage, a little presence of mind, a little help, can be a complete life altering situation for someone!

Here’s a guide of steps to be taken when you face such situations :

  • Always remember your safety comes first – so never confront people who can harm you. Always maintain a distance when conversing with them like in case of Jeena at all times she remained in her car with the glasses drawn up high.
  • Please inform the police immediately. Below are police information and helpline numbers that you can call to help others in trouble. Save them in your phone book favorites right away to use in emergency:

    Police helpline – 100

    The Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity – 0161-2782433

  • Call your friends who live nearby to intimidate the suspect and to increase your strength too.
  • Talk in loud voices to grab the attention of the onlookers and collect as many people as possible.
  • In case its midnight, and you rescue a girl, chances are there will be no shelter homes available to take in the girl so be prepared to provide her your own home for the night. In such a situation, please take all precautions for your own safety. We don’t advocate bringing strangers in your house for the night. So please inform the police and also make sure you have a security personnel accompanying the victim all the time.
  • Before admitting any stranger in rehabilitation center here are few documentations that one need :                                                                                                                         a. A Letter from the police stating you don’t take any responsibility of the victim and describing the circumstances you found them in.


b. A passport size photo of the victim.

c. A documentation that the institution taking in the victim will make you sign.


Thanks Jeena and Mohit Saharan for being such inspiring citizen of this country. We at A&A salute you for the courage and bravery you showed for this young girl!

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  1. What a great deed indeed Jeena…👏👏👏…
    Kudos to you and your husband…. If it wasn’t for you, god only knows what would have happened to the poor girl.

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