Kids always have questions!. Whats this? Whats that? Why do I have to do this? Why can’t I do this? The more they come to understand, the more they want to know.

But you know what? This is great! It is this thirst for knowledge that we need to encourage! The more the kids become aware of their surroundings, the more in depth knowledge of the processes of life they want to learn. And the more in detail they learn, the more aware and smart they become to take on challenges of life with full throttle. It is this thirst of knowledge that the ‘General Awareness Class – BEYOND BOUNDARIES by PRIYA CHOWDHERY’ wants to encourage and satisfy at the same time. BUT in a fun way!

What is the class about?

  1. Teaching children to learn about things around them that are not taught as a subject but observed and experienced.
  2. Exploring the unknown, travelling around the world through audio visual stimulation, presentations and hands on learning classes.
  3. Getting to know some famous and some not very famous people around us who influence our daily lives.

The aim is to bring a child’s awareness to a level where the child is well armed to intelligently discuss on diverse topics like:

  • UK, Britain, Great Britain, England – Are these just names or do they have any significance?
  • Water – The elixir of life – Does it expire? If not, why does bottled water carry and expiry date?
  • Do you think Polar bear eats penguins or are they just friends?

And so many more…

Join ‘Beyond Boundaries’ in their quest for knowledge and discover answers to many such questions and raise your own!

Classes on every Saturday 5-6 pm (6-9 years), 6-7 pm (10 years onwards)

Contact : Priya Chowdhery

Beyond Boundaries


503/1 Near Prince Hostel

Opp. Sahara Hospital, Civil lines


Ph : 9815413850

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