If you are a frequent flyer, you would agree – Choosing the right flight is as important as choosing your next holiday destination!

While we all often tend to choose flights that are fastest or cheapest, what we forget is that the holiday begins from the moment we step out of the house. A tiring flight, uncomfortable journey, lack of space and good food, can be a big mood killer when heading for a relaxing holiday.

This April, me and my family decided to zoom off to Dubai for a short break to celebrate my birthday! Inspite of the options of Indian express flight from Chandigarh and Amritsar, we chose to fly Emirates from Delhi. 

Why you would want to choose Emirates?

“Time flies too when you fly with Emirates!”

1. Lots of options for the time of flights so you don’t have to travel at unearthly hours and ruin your day before or day after.

2. Enjoy the luxury and flamboyance of the Delhi International Airport with lots to do, great places to eat and many cute cafes to indulge and enjoy!

blog pic 104

3. No more tantrums of ‘There is no space to stretch my legs!’ as even the economy class offers a great leg space to make your journey as easy and comfortable as it can be.

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4. Amazing entertainment options that would leave you yearning for more flight time! In kids entertainment itself you can choose from : New kids movies, Marvel movies, Harry Potter series, Roald Dahl classics, Disney classics and more! For adults, you can only wonder how many more options would be there.

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5. Comfortable head sets to match the entertainment standard.

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6. Pleasantly served food that tasted great too. Option of a super cute kids meal to keep your little ones happy through the journey.

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It is always useful to stick to one airline, enrol int her membership programmes and collect points to exchange for free flights and upgrades in your next travel. Emirates can be a great option if you are looking for an airline partner for the same.

My sincere thanks to EMIRATES for their great hospitality and for taking the flying experience to another level! We hope to fly with you again soon.


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