The name itself is so intriguing that one has to know what goodness it offers! Neki ki Dukaan is a brilliant initiative (super brilliant to be precise!) started by Ek Noor Sewa Kendra, a charitable organisation here in Ludhiana. It is a SHOP where you can buy anything and everything for Rs 10 ONLY! Thus, making general household items so reasonable to buy for the underprivileged population of our city. What I love about the initiative is that it does not encourage the poor to become free loaders instead just makes things more affordable for them to buy. Read on to find out how and what you can do to help but first here’s a short clip to show how they are spreading smiles…


The following rules are what make this initiative a real ‘out of the box’ idea!

  • Shop open for purchase from 5-7 pm only.
  • Purchases can be made only on show of a valid Aadhar card.
  • A single individual can buy 5 items per visit only which get noted against the Aadhar card details using an online software.
  • After one visit the Aadhar card is blocked for 1 month to discourage wasteful buying.


Donate! Donate! Donate! Please deposit any old items such as clothes, shoes, utensils, furniture, toys etc. that you would not be using at the following address:


Shop no. 39

Guru Nanak Dev market

Gill road, Near gill chowk


Contact : 9915254112, 7696731000


I strongly encourage all our readers to support this brilliant initiative and spread the word as much as possible.

Cheers to a happier and a more prosperous Ludhiana!

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