Before you dive into the splash of colours, here’s something you need to consider…

Festivals are all about celebrating the joy of being together. Subtract friends and relatives from this festival, and all you are left with is a colourful monkey – YOU! Keeping this in mind, remember, use this festival to rejoice in the fact that you are so loved. Neither should this festival be used to unnecessarily waste resources nor to be inconsiderate of others.

Here are some simple tips for you to keep in mind which are both friendly with nature and wont spoil your fun too!

  1. Fill a kids swimming pool with water and use that to dip your friends in rather than filling buckets of water every time somebody comes. Else, pre determine the number of buckets of water you are going to use and do not exceed them. This saves water and saves the fun too!
  2. Choose one section of the garden to play HOLI by barricading it with ropes. Thus avoid damaging the entire lawn with colours and save environment.
  3. Avoid using water filled balloons. They can be both hurtful and are surely a wastage of water.
  4. If you are giving water pistols to your kids, give them just one bucket of water to refill it and no more. Teach them the importance of conserving water.
  5. Be extremely cautious of kids and older people around. Do not risk their safety over your few hours of fun.
  6. Dry HOLI with organic colours is the safest and best.
  7. Follow our skin preps listed in our previous article – Skin care for HOLI. Applying them will rinse off the colour easily and thus again conserve water. You don’t need to scrub a dub continuously and waste water.
  8. Choose to bathe with a bucket instead of a shower. This is very important! Showers waste gallons and gallons of water which can be saved using a bucket.
  9. Do not force anyone to play HOLI out of their will. Holi is supposed to be fun for all, not just you.

With new era and new technology, don’t you think the festivals need an upgrade too? So don’t forget to be gentle on nature as you rejoice in the colourful festival of HOLI!

A&A and The hush hush diary wishes all its readers a very bright, brilliant and joyful Holi!

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