Dreamy, whimsical and outrightly magical…These are the few words that would describe the experience of every guest invited to the pre wedding function hosted by the Oswal family (Mr Jawahar Oswal and sons), commemorating the engagement of their grandson Rishabh with Sanjana, here in Ludhiana on the 22nd of January 2017.

The gorgeous couple – Rishabh and Sanjana



Aakriti Khanna – A&A

The winter sun could not have been more blissful that day as it offered the guests a perfect afternoon blanched in its warmth. The venue, The Oswal farmhouse, looked truly like a fairytale wedding vision brought to life with expanses of green woodland grass dotted with mesmerising spring flowers. The highlight was the utterly romantic touch of thousands of pink roses hanging down like a rain shower from above the bar area.  A photographers paradise, the decorators, Rani Pink, truly did a fantastic job in fabricating the most picturesque setting for the guests of The Oswal family.


While the ambience was perfect, so was the food! Luxury and innovation were taken to another level as the venue became host to three mini speciality restaurants – Lebanese, Italian and Chinese, each serving tastiest delicacies in these respective cuisines. Each restaurant flaunted its own sitting area, its own menu and its own servers giving you a complete sit down dining experience at a pre wedding function! They say – “ We first eat the food with our eyes, then with our taste buds.” The mouth watering preparations served in the most gratifying way definitely offered a royal treat to all the guests present.

Caterer – XO, Delhiblog-pic-13

Now for some entertainment! While the initial hours of the function were soaked in the gorgeous voice of the Indian pop rock band Singer – Sanam , the party started swinging when the family itself lit up the stage with their enthusiasm and happiness! From Grand pa and Grand ma to kids and grand kids, the gorgeous Oswal family and their friends left no stone unturned in pulling off the most entertaining acts for the audience. The Extras performing behind with their creative props and sequences further pumped up the performance replicating nothing less than Bollywood itself!

Choreographer – Bollywood fame choreographer – Arvind, Mumbai

My special thanks to The Oswal family for making us a part of this gorgeous celebration. Special thanks to Neha Nahata for always being there!

We wish the bride and the groom a happily ever after!


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