“At first they’ll ask why you are doing it. Later they’ll ask how you did it.”


On Sept 15, 2015, Aarav Dadu (son of Sakshi and Ankit Dadu) joined the inaugural batch of KUMON in Ludhiana under the able guidance of Suvra Nanda. Today, 17 months later, he has been declared as the youngest and the fastest Indian to complete KUMON Maths programme at the tender age of 7.  This is a success story of this very young and talented boy who saw a dream with his parents and made it come true. Today we would like to share this very inspiring story with our readers.

When Aarav Dadu joined his first Kumon class, like every institute, he was told about what the aim of the programme was and what goals he can accomplish along with stories of students across the globe who had set records in KUMON. That’s when the first spark was ignited in him to achieve something big.

“Aarav took his time in understanding the concepts initially but he showed gradual improvement. After one month itself, his teachers were sure that he was going to prove himself and win a medal in KUMON Maths programme soon.”

– Sakshi Dadu (Mother)

People whose role cannot be ignored in the success story of this young achiever are his three teachers (Suvra Nanda, Ishita Gupta and Bhavna Sarohar) and his MOTHER. While his teachers thoroughly fulfilled their roles as his Gurus by guiding him and motivating him at every step of his journey, the role of his Mother has been equally important. For a child as young as 7, the biggest motivation can come only from his parents and their unconditional support. After speaking to Sakshi, here is what I would like to highlight as to what her role as a MOTHER has been in Aarav’s success story.

  • She spent lots of quality time with Aarav by sitting next to him while he worked on his Kumon sheets and offered immediate help to correct mistakes there and then.
  • Helped him chalk out a timetable to accommodate all his activities along with regular Kumon practice.
  • Stayed in touch with the Kumon instructors to keep a tap on his progress.
  • Ensured regularity to class and abided by the rule – ‘Do worksheet every day’.
  • Picked up extra sheets from the institute to work on free days and holidays.
  • In case he missed a class, helped him cover it up and bring him at par again.

“Any child who is given the time and the right environment can accomplish this.”

– Sakshi Dadu (Mother)

While Aarav has been an inspiration for all young boys and girls across the country with his determination, perseverance and accomplishments, Sakshi has been an inspiration for all the mothers who make their kids dream their own. Aarav, apart from being a Mathematics genius, is also a great artist with a gold medal at the National level art competition in his kitty. An all rounder is what his mother has always wished for him and inspired him to be.


Thanks Sakshi for sharing your story with our readers and teaching us a very important lesson:

Each and every person has to play his/her role correctly to create a real winner!

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