We are all insanely busy and sometimes we forget the important days! Lucky, The Hush Hush Diary is always there to help us (Wink!). Here are some last minute things you can do incase you forgot to buy gifts for your better half this Valentines Day.

1. Book her/him for a Spa day – If you choose to make a reservation for 14th Feb’17 at HEADMASTERS, Malhar Road, Ludhiana, you can get 50% off! Read our previous post on the link below to know more about this offer…


No availability for 14th? Make a reservation for 18 or 19th Feb and tell her you booked it for the forthcoming weekend considering this Valentines is a working day (You are kind and smart!)

2. Go online immediately and order something you know she will love! You can always blame it on the third party for goofing up your surprise and delaying the gift! She loves you, all she cares about is an awesome gift! (Wink!)

3.  Make a booking at her/his favourite eating joint in her name and go for a long drive after! Start the evening by telling her how beautiful she looks and you are set for the night!

4. Create a couples bucket list – things you always wanted to do together. Like bungy jumping or sky diving et al crazy stuff but with the condition that you both will make it happen in the next 6 months!! Your promise to make it happen is your gift to him/her.

5. Create ‘I owe you’ notes – so you have these 5 slips of ‘I owe you’ in which you write down the chores your partner hates to do but still does it and as a token of love you will share their burden once in a while. So the day your partner gives you this ticket, that day you do this chore for him/her!!! It can be anything from cooking, cleaning, changing diapers or putting the kid to sleep!

6. Surprise your partner and drive away to Chandigarh. Spend the day at Elante Mall, shop, buy her gifts and have a nice dinner. Then you may choose to spend the night in Chandigarh or drive back home. There is nothing better than dedicating your one whole day to your loved one!

Pick any of the above ideas and show you care! All the best.

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