Now that you know what to gift, it is equally important to wrap it well. If you have been a bit miserly in the gift, why not add value to it by wrapping it beautifully using these simple ideas!

The following video is a great watch teaching a very pretty way to wrap your gift!

Sometimes the most simple things look most beautiful! Here are some ideas to inspire you!

1. Use a simple brown paper to wrap the gift. Cut out some heart shape cut outs and sew them in a string. Tie the string around your gift.


2. Again wrap your gift in brown paper and knot a rope around it. Stick a red heart or a red sticker on it and you are good to go!


3. If you are really out of time, invest in a nice paper bag, add some coloured paper into it, place your gift inside, add a bow or a tag and write something nice.



  1. If your gift is of an odd shape, difficult to wrap, put it in a box and wrap to make it more presentable.
  2. Don’t forget to spray a nice perfume on your gift before gifting to add that extra sweet touch!
  3. Other things that you can use to add to your wrapping are lace, net, fresh/artificial flowers (Roses preferably), lots of love stickers.

We hope this helps to make your loved one feel even more special!

Source : Images from Google Images, Video from You Tube

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