Doing make up has so many secrets! Small little tips can transform your look dramatically. And if those tips are coming from the top in the fashion industry then they become even more – PRICE LESS! MONAL SAREEN, a make up artist residing in Ludhiana with scores of qualifications embellishing her portfolio (listed below), recently attended a workshop with the celebrity make up artist, MARIO DEDIVANOVIC, stylist for KIM KARDASHIAN. Now thats a big one!

Below is an awesome self explanatory tutorial for you by Monal for a gorgeous smoky eye look!! Also find below some amazing pointers to help you with it and a comprehensive list of the products used. Thanks so much Monal for sharing your make up secrets with us! Not everybody can do it…

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  1. Prep before make up is very important. First thing to do is to moisturise. Use a simple moisturiser (preferably without SPF) as it gives a better base for the make up. Most of the foundations contain SPF so you already have that protection you need from sun exposure.
  2. Powder your under eye to avoid particles from falling and ruining your base. Once, the eye make up is done, simply brush off the powder and the residue.
  3. Blending is most important. Blend, blend, blend to avoid any visible sharp lines in the make up. The colour variations must fade in to achieve that softness required for smoky eye look.
  4. Build up your make up. Meaning, don’t put too much at one time else it would be very difficult to reverse. As the colours used in smoky eye look are highly pigmented like black, it might become tricky to correct them.
  5. If you do mess up, use some loose powder on a cotton bud to correct it. If the make up is stubborn, use a bit of foundation to cover it up and then pat it with loose powder. Else take a lighter shade of the eye shadow and try to blend it in.


1)    Kohl Pencil – Rock and roll Charlotte Tilbury

2)    Brown Eye Shadow – Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics – Lethal

3)    Orange Eye Shadow- Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics – Extra Bitter

4)    Blending technique was done by combining – Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics –         Fate +  Lockout

5)    Mascara -Lancome grandiose extreme

6)    Brow Tinting –  Benefit – 3D BROW tones Instant Color Highlights



Make up artist, Ludhiana



1)    Diploma from Glauca Rossi School of makeup

2)    Attended Masterclass by Samer Khouzami

3)    Total Pro Creative Specialist Course from AOFM (Academy Of Freelance Make-up Artist)

4)    Attended Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovic

5)    Worked with Mickey Contractor in Couture Fashion Week 2016

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