This new year kicked off on a high note for me! With all my sister in laws visiting us for the winter break, (I have just 3 in case you were wondering), we summed up to 5 kids, 7 adults and ‘n’ number of maids in the house! Ideas were tossed on how to keep the kids busy and distracted from fighting with each other and finally the decision was made to take a day trip to AMRITSAR HAVELI.

A drive of around 2.5 hours from Ludhiana, Amritsar Haveli is a great hotspot for kids and families with numerous activities to keep everybody entertained. This is a new addition to the many Haveli’s situated around Punjab offering a true representation of an old age Punjabi village and  transporting you back in time to experience the opulence of the bygone era.

The place offers many interactive highlights for guests to acquaint them with the true culture of the old Punjab. One can find various scluptures of Punjabis engaged in different acts like dancing, cooking, weaving et al adorning the outside area while the famous HAVELI TRUCK features itself indoors. Sections of the place are dedicated to re-creating replicas of a jeweler’s store, post office, tailors house et al conjuring a memorable scene of the village life from the olden times.

The entrance displays a well- water fetching mechanism with the help of a real bull & a mock well, where kids can experience pulling water from the well themselves. Apart from this, there are numerous other activities for the kids like bumping cars, magic shows,  astrology, gaming arcade etc to keep them occupied.

With a whole array of street food delicacies lined up outside and the famous haveli food being served in-doors, it is truly a Punjabis paradise. The extremely courteous staff, treating every guest as a valued invitee offering delicacies time and again, re-enforces ones belief of Punjab’s adored Hospitality.

Thanks to all my sister in laws and kiddos for gifting us with this unforgettable experience!

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