We all want our kids to excel. However, our generation is not hell bent at producing just academically excelling kids. Instead, we aim at fabricating more rounded personalities that shine and sparkle in the crowd. This is the reason why dance, sports, music and other co circular activities have become so important for todays kids.

While watching a very well directed movie recently (DANGAL), I had a major realisation as a mother.

“You only develop interest in hobbies in which you start performing well. But to gain that certain level of skill, which will compel you to start liking that hobby, you have to force yourself to work hard and go through that short tough phase when it all might seem rather boring and unfruitful. However, once you develop that skill, you will start loving it!”

– Aakriti Khanna

Mothers complain, my son was not enjoying his drawing class so I moved him to a dance class. He did not enjoy that much either so I moved him to a music class. Here’s what many of us don’t realise, switching classes is is not going to make them like anything.

You know your kids well and you know where their aptitude lies. By the age of 2 or 3 every mother can make a good judgement call on that. Once you have picked a hobby for your child, only two things matter – a GOOD GURU and REGULARITY to the class. Most of the times that kids fail to be regular to the class, it is due to the mothers giving in to their tantrums or making them skip class due to birthdays, relative coming over etc. When your child misses a lesson, he is again going to feel left behind and you would have taken him one step back from developing a fondness for that hobby. You need to manage their time well. Once your child develops that fondness, it is only a matter of time till it turns itself into passion and then excellence.

I joined dance at the age of 4 under the able guidance of Mrs Pinky Chowdhery and haven’t looked anywhere else since then. Being regular contributed to a continuous improvement in my skill level and also helped me make life long friends! Thats how I managed to excel in this subject and ended up completing my BA in Bharat Natyam parallel with my studies.

Passion is not a god gift, it needs to be developed through inspiration, perseverance and encouragement.” –  Aakriti Khanna

Here’s wishing all our kids the glory of the stars!

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