The first and foremost task before you attempt to fly a kite is to put ‘talamein’, meaning fixing the DOR with the kite. While it may seem easy, wrong technique can fail your kite flying attempts altogether. Like always, we went to the experts! But who are these kite flying experts?


This is Chetaniya, a 13 year old boy and a student at the Rashtriya Bal Vidya Mandir School. Along with studies he is an astute street kite flyer and a pro when it comes to tying ‘talamein. Here’s a short tutorial by Chaitanya himself! Thanks Chaitanya for sharing your talents with our readers.


  1. Make at least 3 knots at both ends for big kites and minimum 2 knots for small ones.
  2. A final knot is tied after measuring the distance at both ends as in the video. Check the distance of the knot again which should not extend beyond the top and the bottom holes (top hole more important). If it does, tie another knot at the top end to equalise it. (Visible in the video)

Now coming to the main task. After gaining a full understanding on kites, I was too tempted to try it myself! Here’s what happened!

Now I can tell you for sure that to fly a kite, all you need is some logic and patience! Its no rocket science. Why don’t you try it this time too. Thanks to and you dear readers, today I added another skill into my skill bag. Yay!

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