Cellulite – One word that is a major concern for women of all age groups but nobody’s favourite topic of conversation. Aging, lifestyle factors, genetics and food habits can all lead to appearance of cellulite on your body, especially on the abdomen, thighs, arms and lower pelvic area. Fat pockets and dimples from cellulite can lower your confidence and restrict how you feel about your body.

The good news? The dreaded problem of cellulite is solvable! The appearance of cellulite can be reduced by care, natural remedies and non-surgical treatment options.

Here are 5 easy and trusted ways to combat cellulite. Thanks Dr Nidhi for sharing your knowledge with our readers.

1) Increase Fresh Food Consumption

The benefit of consuming fresh and unprocessed food is no rocket science. Fruits and vegetables should be a large part of your diet as they are the alkaline forming food group which help in removing toxins deposited in cell and tissues. These toxin deposits once drawn out will help lessen the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

2) Water. Water. Water.

In addition to eating healthy, drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water per day is of utmost importance because a regular intake of water flushes out toxins from the body and toxins are one of the major causes behind appearance of cellulite.

Reduce consumption of artificially sweetened beverages and instead hydrate your body with more water which will also help in prevention of further cellulite formation.

3) Stimulate Blood Flow

Stimulating blood and lymph flow in the body not only feels great, but if done on a regular basis can soften the appearance of cellulite. A natural way for blood stimulation is through dry skin brushing but this method can take months before any visible difference is noticed. One proven way to improve cellulite fast is by taking Venus Freeze Treatments which are safe, quick and effective non-surgical option. Venus Freeze uses Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, which provide you with the added benefits of increased oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the skin, giving it an immediate, long-lasting glow.
Cellulite reduction occurs because the radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. This restoring response causes new collagen to form, along with the increased production of fibroblasts and new elastin fibres. The active collagen in the skin contracts, achieving a tighter appearance, along with reduced cellulite. A series of 8 to 10 sessions (one session per week) will help you lessen the appearance of cellulite and feel toned again!

4) Say No To Skin Thinning Creams

Beauty creams that contain chemicals such as steroids to treat cellulite are actually harmful to the skin and thinning the top layer of the skin will only make the cellulite stand out more. Ditch these pharmaceutical creams in favour of homemade coffee scrub which is a natural and economical way to treat cellulite.

5) Keep Calm and Balance Those Hormones

Exercising, moving, sweating and meditation are helpful ways to keep stress levels under control. Combat stress and eat healthy to keep hormones balanced as unbalanced hormones play a big role in formation of cellulite.

We all know whats right for our body and health, all we need is the determination to do it. So next time you ask someone how to get thin again, remember you already know it!

Thanks Dr. Nidhi Sigh Tandon for sharing such valuable information with us!

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