Planning a kids birthday at home but don’t want to spend much? Here are a few ideas for a spectacular DIY birthday decor that me and my bhabi pulled off for our nephew who was visiting us from the States. All that it took was PINTEREST, a dash of creativity and a short trip to Sardar store, Jawahar camp.

The theme for the birthday was ANIMAL SAFARI and the entire decor was done in under Rs 4,000! Before I divulge the secrets, here are a few pics.

The decoration items bought from Sardar Store costed Rs 2200 and we paid Rs 1800 to the balloon waala who was also hired through the Sardar store. The gorgeous cake was ordered from ‘Baked with love’ which was as yummy as it looks! (Contact: 9815566882).

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Balloon tunnel – Ask the balloon waala to make a short colourful ballon tunnel as in the pic below and lay a yoga mat in it for the kids to crawl through. This turned out to be the most fun activity for kids and the pictures in the tunnel came out to be gorgeous! blog-pic-240
  2. Activity ride – Collect all outdoor toys you have or borrow from friends and place them in line with the tunnel to create a fun swinging, sliding, crawling activity ride for kids to go round and round again like in the pic above.
  3. Helium Ballons – Add animal shaped helium balloons along with regular balloons  to the decor to fill up spaces and add colour and theme to the decor.img_2222
  4. PET ME’ animal pen – Using 4 pieces of about a foot and a half long sticks and a role of rope, make a small animal pen and lay a mat inside like in the pic below (Behind my little girl, Advika). Throw in all the animal soft toys you have and let the kids pick any toy to keep as a pet for the duration of the party. You can also use a big basket to create the animal pen and give away the toys as party favours. The toys will vanish very quickly!img_1791
  5. Bubbles – Ask someone to blow some bubbles in the middle of the party now and then and see how crazy the kids will go.
  6. Cake table decor – Stich few small soft toys along the edge of the table cloth (My chachi’s brilliant idea!). Throw in some decorative glitter ruffles (picked from Sardaar store) and add colour with bright coloured paper plates, napkins and birthday hats. Put around animal figurines and anything else that you might have in animal shape. Use a cake stand for the
  7. Cake back drop – Take a trip to Sardar store, Jawahar camp to collect any kind of decoration items in your theme and then you can play with them in any way you can for the backdrop. The picture below is one such example. The colourful fans were actually colourful hanging balls but we did not open them fully to give them a fan look. blog-pic-252

8. Animal masks or spectacle – Hang animal masks or spectacles (order online) from any balloon decor around and let the kids pick them for the cake cutting ceremony.


Other activities to add for an additional charge:

  1. Hire rabbits on rent from any pet shop 
  2. Monkey wala 
  3. Snake charmer 
  4. Elephant ride 
  5. Horse ride

At times it is nice to let your creativity flow and host birthdays like the old times! Hope it helps! Stay tuned for more such DIY birthday party ideas.

Photography by : Gaurav Sethi photography (9815533444)

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