Making a New Year resolution is a great tradition. While most of the New Year resolutions made on New Years eve die once you become sober, there is no harm trying. Every year, most people choose health related resolutions such as weight loss, begin exercising, drink more water, give up sweets etc. etc., I don’t think good health needs a resolution. In fact, it is more of a pre requisite for all the fun NEW YEAR resolutions that you should make that will help you accumulate fond memories. Here are some real NEW YEAR RESOLUTION ideas…

  1. Meet an old forgotten friend that you care about a lot. (Provided that person cares about you too. Don’t barge obviously!)
  2. Visit your dream holiday destination finally this year.
  3. Eat 36 inch Sub!
  4. Hop and eat food at 5 Dhaba places in one night.
  5. Make your own bread.
  6. Learn Salsa.
  7. Learn Karate.
  8. Make a sizeable donation to the charity of your choice.
  9. Have a donut eating competition with friends.
  10. Visit all Ludhiana listed restaurants in one year.
  11. Climb a mountain. (Doesn’t have to be Mount Everest. Can be a small peak)
  12. Sky dive or scuba dive this year.
  13. Plan 5 surprises for your spouse over the year.
  14. Watch all blockbusters movies in cinema this year without skipping any. (Start with Dangal)
  15. Put up at least 5 new frames in your house with your latest family pictures.
  16. Buy something that you always wanted (Don’t go broke buying it!).
  17. Host dinner for friends at home at least twice this year.
  18. Have a girls (boys) night out or a short vacation with your girl (boy) friends.
  19. Grow your hair.
  20. Write a book!

These are just few ideas to get your head rolling. And who says you can make only one each year. More the resolutions, the merrier the next year is going to be!

We wish you a very happy and a fantastic 2017!


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