“Christmas isn’t a season, it’s the feeling!” – Edna Ferber

For those who are planning to stay in for the Christmas Dinner or are hosting a get together at home, here are few great ideas to indulge you in the feeling of Christmas too! Below are some gorgeous table setting ideas that will light up your Christmas party like nothing else. Paying attention to small things like this can really add to your party in a big way. And not just Christmas party, any party than you plan to host in the future!

First, here are some basic table laying instructions to set the groundwork. Following these simple instructions itself can make a lot of difference in your layout :

  1. Place the table mat right in front of the chair about 1 1/2 inch away from the edge of the table.
  2. Place the plate at the centre of the mat.
  3. Forks go on the left and the knives and spoons go the right of the plate.
  4. The cutlery is placed beside the plate, from the outside to the inside in the order that is expected to be used. eg. If you are serving salad first, then the Salad fork will be placed on the extreme left, followed by the fork for the main course. Similarly on the right you have the Spoon, then the knife for the main course and the dessert spoon closest to the plate as it will be used at the last.
  5. The Glass for water is placed right above the cutlery on the right at a convenient arm distance  length from the diner.
  6. The napkin can be placed on the plate or decorated as per your choice.
  7. All the individual table settings should be placed equidistant from each other with sufficient gap between two table settings.

Remember alignment is everything! If everything is placed neatly in perfect synchronisation with each other, your table will itself exude class. After this go on and experiment by adding further elements to the table setting to make it look more festive.


First choose the crockery and the table mat that you plan to use and decide the colour scheme accordingly. Then search your entire house for anything and everything that falls in your chosen colour scheme. Below are the things that I found in my house and used them all in some way or the other turning them into gorgeous Christmas table settings.


The theme for PIC A is Red and Silver. I have used red artificial flower (you can use fresh roses too), red Christmas bells, a stunning napkin holder, red and black coaster Bershka girl coaster for the club glass.


The theme for PIC B is Red and gold. I have used red bells for the eyes, a red napkin folded in a triangle with a cotton ball placed above it for a hat, ‘Merry Christmas’ from the Christmas tree decorations placed on the hat, another red napkin used as a scarf, a paper cut out for the smile and sweets with red and gold wrapper.


The theme for PIC C is all gold. I have used golden ribbon tied in a bow, a golden pine cone I found lying around, a golden bell, a gold string with pearls removed from a gift box.

Hope you liked these ideas and they were helpful in getting you ready to host your next party!

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