“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I am telling you why…Santa Claus is coming to town!”

It’s the Christmas week! This week is going to be lot of fun as we bring to you all the information you need to have the most fun Christmas this year! For today we have these 5 fun activities for you to engage your kids and get them all excited about CHRISTMAS!!!


If you have small kids, invest in a nice Christmas tree that you can re use year after year as this is going to be the most fun activity for them. Instead of buying the entire Christmas decoration from the market worth hundreds of Rupees, I bought some and for the rest used things at home such as – colourful ribbons, gift boxes, artificial glitter flowers, candles, white blanket for snow, cotton etc. Find a nice corner to place your Christmas tree and enjoy watching your kids decorate it for Santa.


Ask your kids to write a letter to Santa asking Santa what they want for Christmas along with listing all the ‘good things’ they did this year. This can be a nice activity to re instil the fact in them as to why they need to be good kids. If your child is small, let them tell everything verbally while you write it for them. Put the letter in an envelope and place it next to the Christmas tree. Of course, its your job to replace the letter with the gift!



This is a fun recipe I came across that makes really nice and fluffy snow at home to play and mould. You need : Baking soda and water. Take a tray and add a cup of baking soda. Add water little by little and mix it with your hands (Kids can do it too!). Your home made snow is ready! Its that simple. And guess what, it feels just like real snow! White, soft, fluffy, easy to mould and so much fun to play with! Use it to make your own snow man like in the picture below.



This is easily available at stationery shops. I got mine from Sardar store, Jawahar camp. Spray it in the air and the white snowy flakes fall down like real snow! It is excellent to have a snowy Christmas and kids just love it!



As cliche as it may sound, asking your kids to make a Christmas card for the family brings great sense of achievement to them. Hand over whatever stationery items you have and let them explore their creative side. It does not have to be something very extravagant. Here’s what me and my 2 year old daughter made!


I made the cutouts and allowed her to paste them around and decorate it with stickers. After this she insisted on writing ‘Merry Christmas’ herself too, so I held her hand and helped her write it!

We hope you enjoy all these activities as much as we did. Have a great week!

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