With the holiday season coming up, it is that time of the year again when most of us our planning our next vacation to escape the biting cold. With beach places like Goa, Maldives etc. being the hot destinations for this time of the month, we went to Aarushi Oswal (Make up artist) to give her hot picks on ‘beach must haves’ for every girl!

Here’s a short list of the things you must carry both for convenience and for that extra edge. Thanks Aarushi (Make up artist) for sharing this with our readers.


  1. Beach cover up
  2. Hat and sunglasses
  3. A sling to carry your phone and sun-tan lotion
  4. Beach slippers

Next question is where to buy all this? If you are going on a beach holiday, then the one website that will fulfil all your shopping needs is :


The variety of articles available on this website is especially tremendous covering each and every aspect of your beach vacation. Apart from swimwear, you can also shop for all kinds of swim accessories, sun care products, swim games, hats, sunglasses, swimming bags and the list is endless. Their kids collection is especially great and so is the quality and service having bought from the website myself.

If you are looking for some high end shopping, then scroll through their ‘shop by brand’ tab and check out the limited collections of brands like Shivan and Narresh, Nidhi Munim, Parah, Masaba etc.

If you have not planned your beach vacation yet, then I am sure this website is going to compel you to do so soon! Stay tuned to know more about where to plan your next vacation in our forthcoming posts.

Happy holiday!

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