Kids love watching movies! After a full prohibition on watching TV for the first two years for my daughter, now my husband and me like to kick back with our lil munchkin once in a while and enjoy a nice movie. Weekends is the only time that she is allowed to watch a movie and that too with us. Instead of using it as a way to keep the kids busy, I like to use it as a fun way to teach her good values, expand her vocabulary and bond with her at the same time as well.

As every adult is recommended to watch the classics like The Godfather, Bourne Series, Rambo etc. Here are 2 classic movies that all kids must watch too!

The facts that I love about both these movies are:

  • They are about lives of 2 wonderful young kids with whom each and every kid can relate.
  • They impart great values to kids like benefits of reading books, friendship, love and care apart from being thoroughly entertaining.
  • Great language which is extremely important.
  • They are not cartoons.
  • You would love them too!

Recommended for all ages above 2 years.

MATILDA (1996 English)


Matilda is a wonderful movie based on a book by the famous children’s author, ROALD DAHL. It is about a young girl who is super intelligent, loves reading books but never understood or appreciated by her parents. Eventually her parents send her to a school run by Mrs Trunchbull who is both an authoritarian and loathes children too. Under the strict rule of Mrs Trunchbull, Matilda befriends her school teacher Mrs Honey who is very kind to her. Mrs Honey is surprised to see Matilda’s mental powers which develop further over the course of the movie.

DENNIS THE MENACE (1993 English)


Dennis is a little boy who adores his neighbours Mr and Mrs Wilson but ends up creating a menace even when he is trying to help. When his parents go out of town, he has to stay with Mr and Mrs Wilson. That’s when he drives Mr Wilson crazy and even the thieves who have arrived in town!

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