RECIPE DAY : Spinach mushroom noodle soup

Winters is a great time to try new soup recipes. A hot bowl of soup, with blanket over your knees and a nice movie! Sounds like a perfect winter evening. Here is a super simple, super quick yet one of my most favourite soup recipes for you!


Serves – 4


Garlic – 2-3 cloves (minced)

Spinach – 4-5 leaves (Blanched)

Mushroom – 2-3 pieces (Thinly sliced and blanched)

Carrot – Few thinly cut round slices for garnish (Blanched)

Hakka Noodles1/2 packet (Boiled)

Salt and pepper


For the soup, take a pan and add little oil. Add minced garlic and cook a little. Add 4 cups water and let it come to full boil. Add the blanched spinach, blanched mushroom and boiled noodles to the soup. Season with salt. Pour into individual soup bowls garnished with few carrot slices to add colour. Sprinkle little back pepper and serve hot!

PS: If you want, you can add vegetable stock to the soup too.

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