You would be surprised how much dirt you collect on those makeup brushes. Let me tell you exactly why it’s a very good idea to clean them regularly.

When we apply makeup, we are picking up bacteria from our skin, and it’s then left to fester in the brush after use. So to avoid break outs on your skin it’s always recommended that one should take that extra time to clean them before reusing them.

Here is a quick tutorial by A&A on how to clean makeup brushes.

Things you need 

  • Baby shampoo
  •  And of course your dirty makeup brushes!


1) Wet the makeup brushes and make sure the bristles are facing downward so that the water doesn’t seep in and loosen the glue over time.

2) Take a dab of soap on your palm and just brush the bristle against your palm to ensure all the makeup residue is washed off.

3) Wash off the soap from the brushes by running luke warm water over the bristles. Again bristles should be facing downward.

4) Pat them dry with towel and reshape them if required.

5) Allow them to dry over the towel and create a slight elevation so that the brushes are lying in a slanting position with bristles facing downward to ensure no water gets in the brushes.

Result – Clean makeup brushes! 

Isn’t it super simple!

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