With the winter and Christmas season setting in, it is that time of the year when all of us revamp our wardrobes, discarding the old things to replace with news ones. Most of the time when this happens we want to donate our old things to someone in real need but we either don’t know which is the most genuine place to make such a contribution or just get lazy.

GOONJ is a Delhi based NGO that has been in operation for the past 15 years, touching lives in the remotest parts of our country. Every winter they run a campaign where in old clothes, shoes, toys, books, utensils etc. are collected from across the nation, brought to Delhi to a well operated processing shed where they are sorted, repaired (if need be) and packed; and then sent to targeted areas where they are most needed. Apart from distributing these items to calamity struck areas and deprived communities, they also undertake work projects for the under privileged. Under these projects in return for helping out in community work, collected items are provided to the workers as a reward thus instilling the will to work amongst them.

GOONJ in association with I AM AN NGO is holding collection camps in various parts of LUDHIANA from SUNDAY 11th NOVEMBER onwards. If you have any old clothes, shoes, toys, books, utensils etc. in GOOD CONDITION to give away, we request you to take this week to collect them, sort them and label them in boxes and keep them ready. We will update you on the locations of the collection camps in our special post next week. You can have your boxes deposited at these locations at your best convenience. Do spread the word amongst your friends and relatives about the same too. For any further information please contact:

Maneet Dewan
Organisation name : I am an NGO

To know more about GOONJ : http://goonj.org

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  1. The initiative by Goonj is laudable indeed. In addition, there are many other organisations who have a need for leftover excess food and used items like clothes, computers, toys, bicycles, books, textbooks, utensils, furniture etc. Unused new items like sanitary pads, groceries, stationary are also required. For details visit http://www.donateinkind.in

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