In our endeavour to keep our readers posted about whats happening where, here’s a great piece of information we would love to share with all the mothers. We spoke about the THE PURPLE PRESENT – Child development centre and their initiative to help parents raise their kids to their full potential in one of our previous blog posts. You would be thrilled to know that the THE PURPLE PRESENT now brings to you a TOY LIBRARY for your little one!! Why buy toys when you can rent a new one every week?

  • This is a monthly program where parents can exchange 8 games and 8 books per month.
  • Every week they send 1 game,1 book and a set of flash cards. You play these with your child and next week exchange the set. 
  • The games will be sent to your house, and you play them with your child at your convenience. (It’s not a class you have to send your child to!)
  • With over 2000 books and games, the program is customized for children for developing different skills.
  • The program is based on the scientific principle of Play-Way.
  • Eligible age 0-8 years.

The toys and games provided aim to:

  • Stimulate & develop EACH brain cell of your child.
  • Bring out the GENIUS in your child.
  • Build CORE VALUES through play such as confidence, logical thinking, reasoning, team work, concentration, concept building, motor development.
  • Build a SPECIAL BOND with your baby and provide a constructive way of SPENDING QUALITY TIME with your little one!


CHRISTMAS BONANZA – This month enjoy a free trial for 2 weeks!

Pictures of kids enjoying the TOY LIBRARY

For more information contact – Nivedita Garg on 8437020080

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