While putting on make up is easy, removing is not! Did you know that the more you rub and stretch your skin while removing make up, the more quickly you are bound to develop fine lines and wrinkles? While being gentle and patient as you remove make up is one thing, using the right product that minimises extensive rubbing and takes off make up easily is also very important.

Here is the product that has been part of my beauty regimen for about 6 -7 years now. After trying all kinds of make up removers such as MAC, Colorbar, Body shop etc. etc. the one that turned out to be the best in every way was :


(For lashes, lids and lips) 

Price Rs 1950

It is suitable for all skin types and comes in a purple 125ml bottle. It removes make up extremely easily and has an oil based texture making it completely non-stinging and non-irritating. Once you start using it, you are not going to like any other eye make up remover.

You can buy it from the following online website:


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Disclaimer : This post has been written only as a personal recommendation. The reader is advised to use it at his/her own discretion. In no way do we take the responsibility for the quality of the product or the company or the place you buy it from.

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