8 Great activities for kids using things at home

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All moms know that kids these days require 24/7 entertainment. With our family sizes getting smaller and most of the parents having a single child, we have to keep a good stock of toys at hand to keep theses little monsters busy. But how many toys will you keep buying and discarding?

So today we are going to help you become street smart when it comes to engaging young kids. These are few very simple ideas that use things at home that can be turned into excellent toys/activities to keep children busy for hours.


Most of us our familiar with using atta as a substitute for clay but here’s what more you can do with it. Take some atta, and add some oil, little salt and water to it. Let the kids knead the atta themselves and follow this with using it to mould and play. This atta can be refrigerated for a month and you can add edible colour to it too to make it more interesting.


Handover a basket or a plastic bowl to your kid and fill it with very lil water (just 1-2 cm so that they cant get very wet). Let them pick up dry leaves, stones, twigs from the garden and wash in the bowl or simply collect in the bowl. Winter time is great for such activities.


Give 3-4 small steel katoris to the child with just one katori containing a spoonful of raw rice in it. Hand over a spoon and see how busy they get transferring rice from one bowl to another. Instead of rice you can also give pulses or beans.


Give a boiled potato to the kid and ask him/her to sit and peel it. They can eat it too after peeling!


If you have yarn or thread at your home, older kids can enjoy tying it around spoons and making a chain. Younger kids can just enjoy messing around in the yarn. But be careful that very young kids don’t choke themselves.


Take out those old newspapers and give to your kids to make a long train with it or teach them to fold and make aeroplanes with it.


Give them a clean napkin and bucket of their toys to sit and clean. Kid love acting like adults. Boys can wash their little cars with an old toothbrush and some water in a cup. Girl can wash their kitchen sets with the same. It is a great cleanliness habit to inculcate in young kids too.


Give them a chalk and let them scribble on the drive way. Driveways can be cleaned easily. But kids might dirty their clothes with dust on the drive way, so be prepared for that. Otherwise this activity can keep them engaged for a long time.

Please note: All these activities require adult supervision and special care must be taken when engaging very young kids with them.

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