Most of the youngsters find yoga as an old man’s form of exercise. It’s slow and boring and misses that adrenalin rush. This was my view too for a very long time. However, few months back on consistent persuasion by my mother (Mrs. Neena Jain, who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years now) and tired of catching cold and cough all the time, I was compelled to try it. And the experience came as a big surprise! First few weeks were slow but I held my patience. After some time when my body flexibility improved and I was able to do some yoga poses with much more ease. The interest increased and so did the difficulty level making it more challenging and fun.

I have always enjoyed morning exercises and morning Yoga came as a great addition to my daily routine making my day more active and lively. I never thought I would be the one advocating Yoga but the truth is – ‘I look forward to my yoga class now!’. Here are the personal health benefits I have experienced by introducing Yoga in my daily regime.

  1. Post my delivery, my body chemistry changed a lot. I used to feel nauseous every morning and any form of liquid, be it tea, juice, water etc. only made it worse. With my new routine, I wake up at 6:50 am in the morning, do yoga from 7 – 8 am, follow it with a banana, nuts and chaas and I am all charged up to take on the day with no sign of dizziness.
  2. My skin has improved slightly and I am looking forward to reaping more benefits in these arena from yoga.
  3. I would occasionally get a minor neck sprain that would last many days. With regular yoga exercise of my neck muscles, instances of this have reduced.

It has only been 3 months and I have found it useful. My inspiration is also my mother who is even fitter than me at the age of 56 and I am not joking! The only exercise she has done all her life is Yoga in the morning and walk in the evening. But mind you she hasn’t skipped it even for a day. Hats off to your dedication and your passion for fitness and good health mumma! I hope we all can learn from it.

Many people have benefitted from the practice of Yoga both mentally and physically. You will find lots of documentaries of people sharing how Yoga has helped them regain their confidence and overcome illness. Here’s a short video to inspire you…

Here are the contact numbers of two yoga teachers in Ludhiana that A&A is learning from for your reference:

Anil Sir – 09023359214 

Abhijeet Sir – 9878952565 

Disclaimer: The above is only a suggestion for the readers. Yoga should be adopted only under the guidance of a trained teacher to avoid injuries. The above teachers are only recommendations and we do not take any responsibility for their actions or quality of lessons.

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