What every fashion conscious girl wants these days is to know a quick fix for her beauty problems. Here we have 5 beauty hacks ‘tried and tested’ by A&A that can be very useful in times of need.

  1. Ran out of make up remover? Use coconut oil or vaseline on a cotton bud or cotton ball to remove make up smoothly. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is in any case a better ingredient to use for make up removal rather than chemical based eye make up removers.
  2. Ran out of primer? Use after shave balm. It works brilliantly!
  3. Have to go for a party but your front hair are oily? Flip your hair down. Use the dryer on the front hair and then flip back. Back comb your hair a little, pin them lightly and you are good to go!
  4. How to make your make up stay long? Rub an ice cube over your face just before starting your make up. That will do it!
  5. Tip for heavy eye make up! When doing heavy eye make up, always do your eye make up before applying base and after finishing the eye make up take a baby wipe and clean all the residue under your eyes. Follow with base and contouring.

Tell us how much you like these tips and share your own tips with us too!



Disclaimer: These are only suggestions. Readers are advised to accept them at their own discretion keeping in my mind any allergies or any other health issues that they may have.


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