‘Chasing your dreams’ is a common phrase. But very few people actually have the courage to do it. For all those travel enthusiasts, who are not able to take out the time from their busy lives here is something to inspire you. The story of a 27 year old girl and her attempt to be the first documented women to have traveled all the sovereign nations (196 countries) in the fastest time of 3 years and 3 months. She is an inspiration for one and for all!

Expedition 196  is a travel odyssey by Cassie de Pecol filming her journey of discovering some of the most unknown and unique corners of the world to showcase their beauty. She is also travelling as THE VOICE OF MILLENNIALS AROUND THE WORLD,‘Global Citizen’ and IIPT Peace Ambassador while advocating World Peace to Skal leaders and students.

She has spent around £160,000 so far, which includes 254 flight tickets, but has funded much of her trip through sponsors and by obtaining free accommodation in exchange for social media post. You can follow her on Instagram by the name – expedition_196

Cassie has been quoted saying that “As a young woman, I’d always dream to travel to as many countries as possible and make our world a better place,” she said. “It bothered me though that I could never figure out how to ignite this inner fire and make it happen.

“For the better part of my late teens and early twenties, I traveled. After having completed three and a half years of college, I booked a one-way ticket and traveled across four continents and 26 countries.”

Here are some of the pictures sourced from her insta account to inspire our readers to travel and explore new horizons. 





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