Motherhood is a challenging job! At child’s every milestone, we face many questions for which we look for answers from our elders or from experiences of our fellow mothers. Here’s what Nivedita Garg, founder of ‘The Purple present – child development centre’ has to say to our readers :

Your adulthood is just an extension of your childhood experiences!

Do you feel some of your habits & fears are carried on from childhood?
Do you feel you look at life in a particular way because of the Sanskaar’s & memories you had as a kid?
Do you see any similarity between you and your mom & dad?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, continue reading!

Contrary to common belief, we don’t inherit our personalities, but instead we develop certain traits as a result of the experiences we pass through in life, and the memories we store & retain. Even if we were not aware of the existence of this connection, our childhood experiences determine how the adult’s personality and behavior will be like.

If a child was raised by an over protective family, then she/he will develop fears and insecurities because of believing that the world is unsafe. Now when that child becomes an adult, he will still have his fears and insecurities but he will display them in a different way.

So what kind of a future do you want to give your child?
What kind of memories do you want to gift your child?

For The Purple Present, MOTHERS are the most important people in the world, playing the most important role that exists on planet earth!!
Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well being ahead of your own. All this, to ensure you give him/her the best so your child turns out to be a good human being!
As mothers, we always have the child’s best interests, but sometimes, we just do not know which is the best way to handle the issue!
For example- you have tried everything but she is just not ready to eat! So you just give your child the phone, shove the food in and done!! Your forceful feeding will only make her stubborn & irresponsible!! Is this what you want?

The Purple Present, a parent and child development centre, is here to give you new perspectives to parenting, and to answer all questions you have about handling children in the best way so that the child’s potential also does not get hampered, and the mother is also able to get her way around! And the cherry on the cake is, you can enjoy each moment of being a mother!

We deal in enhancing physical, mental, social, emotional & spiritual skills in kids.  All this will guide you on how best you can shape your child’s future by providing stimulating and worthwhile experiences that will ensure your child is happy, confident, capable, responsible and intelligent!

Super mom= super child!”

If you are open to taking in new ideas on all this and more, The Purple Present invites you for a ‘Free introductory session’ on Friday, 25th November 2016 from 4.00 to 5.00 pm at 20 – C Sukhmani enclave, South city, Ludhiana. 

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– BA honours in economics and accounting & finance from University of Manchester,UK
-Masters in business management from SP Jain institute of management,Mumbai
– Coach for teaching specially abled children through empowering and accelerated learning, Bangalore
– Master Practitioner in NLP(Neuro linguistic program) for coaching and empowering parents and children, Bangalore, with US affiliation
– Teacher of Infant siddha program- parenting course, Mumbai

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