All those fans of Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, this is your chance to experience being them! A&A had a go at it and here’s our review for it!

Mystery rooms is a gaming experience where a group of 2-8 people are locked into a room full of ‘mysteries to solve’ and ‘locks to break’ for 60 minutes. The aim is to achieve the set goal in the given time frame and escape! There are four levels, one harder than the other. So far, two levels are in operation with the next two launching by mid December.

The first level is ‘The Hurt Locker’ where you have to diffuse a bomb in 60 minutes or it blasts! We were 4 people who decided to take up this challenge and find out what Mystery rooms was all about. And what we found out was that we can’t wait to hit back and play the next level! The experience could not be more thrilling! It was so much fun running around, racking your brains, shouting at each other (lol!) and playing as a team.

The rooms were very well set up and the clues were very logical and interesting. At no point did we feel that we were being fooled in the experience or that the clues din’t add up which made the experience so captivating. We were so close to winning… Just a little more time and we would have done it, but then, time is the biggest challenge. Apparently the success rate for level 1 is just 15% making it even more exciting. If you win it, you’ve earned it! And you’ll get medals too if you win! So if you think you’ve got a knack for solving riddles then this is what your next riddle should be.

Please ignore the not so happy faces as we din’t win…(sad)

Now for some insider information:

  1. Book your time slot in advance and you can use the online payment option too.
  2. We think the ideal group size would be 2 – 5 people, though up to 8 people are allowed to play.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes that will help you move about easily.
  4. Lockers will be provided to store your valuables as you need to be completely handsfree in there.
  5. Arrive at the venue 10 mins in advance to complete the registration and briefing.
  6. Follow the activity with a lunch, dinner or coffee with your team players as per your time slot and enjoy reliving it! There are lots of eating places at walking distance such as Bercos, Spice cube and Satta bazaar.
  7. Do not take very young kids as they will only be an obstruction and might feel confined.

Location : Kartar Bhawan, near PAU Gate no. 1, Ferozepur road, Ludhiana

Charges vary according to the team size and the day of the week (Rs 600-900 per person). To see the full break down of charges and for more information follow the link below.

Contact: 9872747356, 0161-4670283

Thanks to Mystery Rooms for introducing a new gaming level to the city!

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