One thing that our city really lags behind in is appreciating art and culture. Being a BA in classical dance (Bharat Natyam), I have always looked forward to participating and visiting dance recitals, dramas and stage shows but it is still a rare thing to see in our city. However,  when something like this is staged, I do not like to miss it. So here’s what you should also not miss tomorrow that is 16th November, 2016.

Shobhaniya Kala Kendra (Academy for dance, music and art) is hosting its annual stage show tomorrow at Guru Nanak Dev Auditorium, Ferozepur road, Ludhiana from 7 pm onwards. The theme for this years recital is ‘Shukrana – from the heart’. 130 students of this institute starting from age 3 years have gathered together to celebrate 25 years of teaching Indian classical dance by their guru, Purva mam in the form of a beautiful dance show that I can assure you is going to leave you mesmerised.


Whenever I get a chance to address parents of young children who are keen dancers, I always urge them to take up some form of classical dance. Be it Kathak, Bharat Natyam or any other classical dance. The discipline that classical dance forms inculcate in students not only makes them excellent dancers but in their learning journey they also imbibe lots of human values that make them a much confident, respectful and a better person. The ‘guru shishya parampara’ that has lost its value in schools and colleges is still in tact in these dance institutes and is something that should not be forgotten by our coming generations.

I urge our readers, to take out time from their busy schedules and take there kids to see this performance tomorrow and give them a chance to get inspired.

For more information on the show and for entry cards, please contact:

Aarti Jain


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