A&A and The Hush Hush Diary wishes all the children a very happy CHILDREN’S DAY!

Childhood is all about telling and listening to stories. These little ones have such an inconceivable imagination that they can leave even the wisest of men speechless. We dedicate this children’s day to these beautiful minds and their beautiful stories that make us laugh so hard that the world seems so much better than it really is.

Airtel India took an amazing initiative to showcase the talent of five such little storytellers. Amish Tripathi, a best-selling author from India wrote a book with 5 little kids – Nisha, Arya, Anshu, Anjali and Eklvaya. He just wrote the first page of the story, and the rest of the book was completed by these five little kids. The book is called ‘Udaan‘.

Here’s a little clip on the same…

We are inspired! If your kid is a great story teller, send us his/her story on the email address below and help us spread the joy of story telling. We will feature it in our blog and will make sure it does not go unheard! Let their minds fly, let their imagination reach new heights. It is this amazing imagination that will make the future of this nation.



Happy story telling!

Source : Youtube.com


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