We all know that children’s day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru who loved children. In school, it was all about having fun, being pampered by teachers, skipping the books for just that one day and being showered with lots of gifts and sweets.

But did you know that it is also celebrated to increase the awareness of people towards the rights, care and education of children? Children are the future of this nation and they need to be empowered well to lead this country to its full glory. Childhood also offers some great moments and it is very disheartening to know how so many children are deprived of it. Recall your beautiful childhood memories and imagine, if you dint have any!

A good life is only possible with the right education, care and a way to progress. So this Children’s day, I decided to empower one child through my contribution to WORLD VISION INDIA. His name is Chandru and he lives in Marungapuri district of Tamil Nadu. He goes to pre school and he loves to play cricket. I have chosen to be his sponsor and through an easy online annual payment of Rs 9600 (using debit card/credit card), I am making sure that he continues to go to school and maintains good health. You can choose monthly (Rs 800), quarterly (Rs 2400), bi-annually (Rs 4800) or any other form of payment that suits you and keep a track of the progress of the sponsored child through regular reports. You can stop the sponsorship anytime if you feel you cannot make the payments for any reason.

Apart from being a sponsor, there are other ways too to extend your support to the children in the form of real gifts, provide emergency relief, put a child back to school, save a malnourished child etc. The options are many, from offering a little to a big contribution. But all you need is the will and the heart to do it. Log on to the following website for more information.



Be a parent not just to your child but to those too who don’t have anyone to look up to. The satisfaction it will bring, will keep you smiling forever.




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