So what’s bruu’ing in Ludhiana??? It’s THE BRUU KILN!

‘The Bruu Kiln’ is the new cafe and lounge bar that has opened up just a few weeks back on Malhar road, Ludhiana. We paid it a visit and here’s our first review on it!


For all those people who are big fans of the gorgeous lounges, bars and taverns flourishing in the metro cities, this is for you! With a great location in the heart of the city, this place is perfect to be at the centre of all the celebrations on a saturday evening. The wood interiors, the fire place, the brick walls, the bench seating (other than the sofa seating) lend it a classic European feel and add a sense of coziness to this place. The bar is tucked up nicely at the end of the restaurant with its high chair seating along with two smoking lounges, one on each floor. The outdoor area is ideal for those who want to just unwind and relax while they catch up with friends.

But our favourite feature was the location of the band! Located one flight up the stairs at a separate landing area dedicated just to their works, it offered a great view both from below and the first storey, rendering it thoroughly entertaining.

Now for the food! The place offers world cuisine with a good variety for all palettes. We would highly recommend their pesto paneer tikka and melt in the mouth thin crust pizza. The pizza especially is totally to die for! For drinks, try their cocktail (or Mocktail) named Old School which has a twist of burnt cinnamon with a sweet ending.

In all, we highly recommend ‘visiting THE BRUU KILN’ for your to do list this weekend and hope you will enjoy its wonderful ambience and hospitality. Now for some insider information just for our readers:

  1. Do not forget to make a booking well in advance especially if you are going on a weekend.
  2. If you don’t get a dinner table reservation, and you are just 2-4 people, you can book the bar stools and enjoy drinks and starters there.
  3. Dress code: No restrictions! Whatever you feel comfortable in. However, for Saturday evenings we would recommend smart casuals. A cute dress or a flattering top with skinny jeans for women and smart shirt and trousers for men.
  4. Call them to check if they are holding a band night or a DJ night before you go. You can choose your day accordingly.
  5. They have great seating options for kitties and private parties too. The room on the first floor with the balcony can be a brilliant option to host a private party.




Cafe and Lounge Bar

E-12, 2nd floor, Sat Paul Mittal Road (Malhar road),

Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana

0161- 4602000

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