90% of our brain development takes place during the age of 0-8 years. This has encouraged mothers around the world to use a variety of learning tools to help them with the same. We would like to share with you one such tool developed by Brilliant Minds, founded by Priya Chowdhery and Charu Juneja, suitable for kids from the age of 0-10 years.

The Encyclopedic memory cards are a learning tool to aid your child’s early brain development. With the help of these memory cards your child gets the required visual and auditory stimulus that accelerates their brain development. These Memory Cards cover a wide range of topics from flowers to animals to construction vehicles to flags et al and offer a fun way to learn about such topics.

The front of each card has an image related to the topic printed on it and the back of each card lists interesting facts about the image which not only gets the child accustomed to the word, but also the details around it. A phonetic break-up for words is also provided in sets with complex pronunciations.



  1. Hold the entire set in your hand and sit about 18 inches away from the eye level of the child.
  2. Start by introducing the category and one by one, quickly bring each card in the set to the front and announce its name. The process should take just few seconds.
  3. If your child is able to repeat after you allow them to finish and repeat the exercise thrice daily and ensure you shuffle the cards each time.
  4. Best time of the day to introduce these cards is when your child is in fun / active mood.
  5. Keep introducing new categories as per the interest of your child in the same manner.


  1. Hide half the image and let the child guess what’s hidden.
  2. Hide the cards at different places and let them run around, find them and name them.
  3. Flip the card very quickly so they just catch a glimpse and then let them guess. Repeat until they have guessed the word.
  4. Once the card is shown, drill the word by using different intonation and silly voices to make it fun. Vary the volume too, whisper and shout the words. Kids will automatically copy your voice and relate to the word better.
  5. Get creative and create fun games involving these cards.

Memory cards help bring out the genius potential in your child and you will be amazed at the child’s ability to learn by just spending less than 10 min a day with them.

Many thanks to Brilliant Minds, founded by Priya Chowdhery and Charu Juneja for sharing this information with our readers. For more information and for purchases contact at the mobile numbers below:



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